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How Can Retail Stores Benefit from SoftPOS?

Business payment processing terminals have undergone significant changes in recent years. Especially after the global pandemic, there was a growing demand for alternative payment methods and greater flexibility at checkout points. 

That gave rise to various payment solutions that have completely transformed how we pay for goods and services. One of the most outstanding innovations is the cloud-based SoftPOS terminal, gradually replacing legacy payment terminals with a more versatile and flexible payment processing method. 

That’s why it’s now more crucial than ever for retail businesses to modernize their payment methods in retail stores. After all, modern solutions like contactless payments have proven to improve business service by streamlining inventory management and increasing payment efficiency. Also, they reduce human errors that mainly occur with manual payment systems. 

But before we look into that, let’s explore some of the challenges retailers face with Traditional payment terminals. 

What are the Shortcomings of Traditional Payment Terminals? 

While traditional payment terminals have long been the backbone of retail transactions for the longest time, they come with a long list of shortcomings that make them inconvenient to use in the modern business world. That includes;

Limited Payment Options

Most traditional payment terminals often only accept credit and debit cards, limiting the range of payment methods customers can use. This limitation can be a significant setback for retail businesses in an era of digital wallets, mobile payments, and cryptocurrencies. 

Slower Transaction Processing

Traditional payment terminals are also slower in terms of transaction processing speed. That’s because they mostly rely on the physical components of the payment terminal. These delays can lead to longer queues, frustrated customers, or worse, missed sales opportunities.  

Errors from Manual Data Entry 

You must manually enter the transactions when processing payments through traditional payment terminals. The unfortunate thing about that is that you’re likely to experience human errors. Sometimes, you can either undercharge or overcharge customers, which is very bad for your business’s reputation. Also, it could lead to administrative issues. 

High Initial Set-up Costs

The high initial set-up costs associated with traditional payment terminals can be a significant barrier for small businesses. The retailer incurs more costs because of acquiring the hardware, the payment terminal, and general installation expenses.  

Limited Mobility 

Traditional payment terminals run on closed networks with data stored on local computers or servers. In most cases, the systems are set up in a fixed location to manage transactions in a specific store. Unfortunately, that limits the ability to serve your customers in any other place besides where the payment machine is located. 

Retail businesses are turning to modern alternatives, such as SoftPOS solutions, to address these shortcomings. These newer options have lower upfront costs, are less complicated to set up, and don’t require constant maintenance. 

So, let’s learn more about what SoftPOS is and how it benefits retail stores. 

How Soft POS Works? 

In essence, SoftPOS is a software application that transforms NFC-enabled devices like cashiers, smartphones and tablets into contactless payment terminals. And that’s precisely what makes them an ideal solution for retailers. 

To start with, SoftPOS eliminates the need for extra hardware, reduces operational costs, and simplifies the payment process. And the fact that it offers mobility, retailers can process payments anywhere, even at pop-up shops. 

Also, it addresses customer demands for faster and more secure transactions. Essentially, SoftPOS retailers are able to significantly reduce wait times and provide a seamless shopping experience to their customers. 

How do Retail Stores Benefit from SoftPOS Solutions?  

SoftPOS solutions offer a wide range of benefits that greatly enhance the operations of retail stores. In this section, we’ll therefore look at five ways in which these solutions bring value to retailers. 

No Hardware Required 

SoftPOS systems eliminate the need for additional hardware. They use existing NFC-enabled devices like cashiers, smartphones and tablets to open up payment terminals. That significantly cuts operational costs. 

Easy Integration 

SoftPOS solutions are designed for seamless integration with existing systems. Therefore, retailers can easily integrate SoftPOS into their current software and payment infrastructure without disrupting business operations. 

Accepts Payments Anywhere, Anytime 

With SoftPOS systems, retailers are not tethered to fixed checkout counters. That means they can accept payments anywhere, anytime. Whether at the storefront, outdoor market, or a pop-up shop. This kind of flexibility improves customer experience and opens up more sales opportunities. 

Supports Multiple Payment Methods

A SoftPOS system accepts various payment methods, from contactless cards to mobile wallets. This versatility makes it easier to cater to different customer preferences. 

No Need to Print Paper Receipts 

Another significant advantage of SoftPOS terminals is that you no longer have to worry about printing out paper receipts for customers. This is one less thing on the list of things you have to do to manage your business. Also, it saves money and resources. 

What Makes NearPay’s SoftPOS Solution Stand Out from the Competition? 

Our SoftPOS solutions have emerged as a game-changing technology for retailers. So, if you’d like to modernize the payment processing terminal in your retail store but are unsure where to start, this section is for you. 

Our SoftPOS stands out as the best in the game for the following reasons;  

Works with Any NFC-enabled Device

Our SoftPOS solution is highly versatile and compatible with various NFC-enabled devices, including cashiers, smartphones, tablets, and wearables. This compatibility allows retailers to choose the device that best suits their needs, making adoption even more convenient.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems 

Our SoftPOS terminal effortlessly integrates with your existing POS software. That makes it easier to transition and minimizes disruptions in your business operations. 

Compliance with Security and Encryption standards 

Security is vital, especially when making digital payments, and that’s why our SoftPOS solution is built with that in mind. It adheres to industry security and encryption standards, ensuring your business and customers are well-safeguarded. 


Our SoftPOS solution is also set up to grow with your business. What does that mean? You can scale it to accommodate your increased business transaction volume as your business expands. That makes it easier to meet the increased demand. 

Cost-effective Compared to Traditional Payment Terminals 

Traditional payment terminals often come with high hardware and maintenance costs. On the other hand, our SoftPOS terminal minimizes expenditure by leveraging existing NFC-enabled devices. We ensure that you can enjoy advanced payment capabilities without breaking the bank.


We currently live in a time where technology is constantly changing. So, if you’d like to stay ahead of your competitors, you must embrace innovations such as SoftPOS solutions in your business operations. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to level up! Adopt and implement a SoftPOS terminal in your business today and provide your customers with a secure and more streamlined payment experience. 

September 26, 2023

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