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Payment Infrastructure As a Service

Easily enable in-person NFC card payments within 30 minutes using the cutting-edge NearPay SDK. Elevate your business by swiftly embracing secure transaction methods.

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Trusted by the world’s best companies


Fully secure and compliant

We have done all the heavy lifting on compliance, certification and building the full stack payments infrastructure so that you can use your time and money on serving your customers better.

We support all platforms & languages

Whether Java or Kotlin, our updated SDK supports your app. We prioritize security and functionality to match evolving standards.



Languages & Frameworks

NearPay SDK
nearpay.purchase(amount, object : PaymentListener {
  override fun onPaymentApproved(result: PaymentResult) {
      //your implementation
  override fun onPaymentDeclined(result: PaymentResult) {
      //your implementation
  override fun onPaymentError(errorType: PaymentError) {
      //your implementation

Create new and innovative transaction experiences

Transform your transaction accepting experience using our SDK embedded in your application or using our point of sale app themed with your brand

  Your merchants can now easily capture payments from their customers.
  Your merchants can easily refund a transaction for their customers.
  Your merchants can easily reconcile their daily transactions and view their daily totals.
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Onboard in 4 simple steps

Send an SMS or email to your merchants so they can start sales with the full app. With our SDK, the onboarding is seamlessly controlled by you through our APIs.

1 - Download Payment Plugin

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2 - Start Purchase

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3 - Successful Purchase

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4 - See Transaction & Receipts

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Everything you need to accept payments

Empower your business with seamless, device-agnostic payment acceptance, including tap-to-pay functionality. Simplify transactions for your customers, anywhere, anytime.


Accept payment from consumers cards.

  • Tap to Pay
  • Dashboard
  • SDK
  • API Access
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Provides solutions for merchants to enable them to sale to their consumers.

  • Hub Dashboard
  • Merchant Dashboard
  • SDK
  • API Access
  • Platform Managements
  • Integrations Managements
  • Full whitelable dashboards
  • Full whitelable Tap to Pay App
  • Tickets Managements
  • Claims Managements
  • Settlements Managements
  • User Access Managements
  • Compliance Managements
  • Certification Managements
  • Audits Managements
  • Security Managements