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NearPay is a Saudi Fintech company that provides Payment Infrastructure as a Service. Bring your payments in-house securely and reliably today using our payments infrastructure.

Hamza & mohammad

A sprinkler disaster at a co-working space brought Mohammad and Hamzah together in 2020. After fishing out the revivable computers and laptops both found common ground in building the future of POS payments for merchants. As their team grew, so did their ambition to build payments infrastructure as a service for the MENA region and beyond. Today, NearPay boasts around 30 employees from over 7 nationalities around the globe all eager to continue building payments infrastructure as a service for the region and beyond.

Our team

We have great capabilities in our company in all fields, which always push the company forward

  • Mohammad aleban

    Mohammad aleban

    CEO & Co-founder

  • Hamzah Al Ghamdi

    Hamzah Al Ghamdi

    CTO and Co-founder

  • Adil Riaz

    Adil Riaz

    Product Head

  • Rayan AlDossari

    Rayan AlDossari

    Accounting Head

  • Raed AlNomam

    Raed AlNomam

    Systems Architect

  • Osama AlKrarha

    Osama AlKrarha

    Systems Architect

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